Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saturday Smile

"Snowflakes are one of nature's most
 fragile things, but look what they
 can do when they stick together."

Friday, January 19, 2018

The "Bone Hunter"

  • Back to school, CHECK
  • We learn about scientists finding dinosaur bones in Canada, CHECK
  • We find out who Barnum Brown was, CHECK
  • We discuss what the job of a paleontologist would be like, CHECK
We each can offer 
something new to our learning experiences.

All throughout JANUARY we'll be practicing
 Habit #4, "Win-Win"

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

We're on Our Way

Habit #3:    *"Work First, Then Play"

I spend my time on
things that are most important.
I say no to things I know I should not do.
I set priorities, make a
schedule, and follow my plan.
I am self-disciplined and organized.
Hooray for all these pupils who're 
showing pride in learning and using
Habit #3
"Put First Things First"

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Habit Forming

Habit #2:  *"Have a Plan"

I plan ahead and set goals.
I do things that have meaning and make a difference.
I am an important part of
classroom and school.
Best wishes to these youth,
for efforts to learn & promote
Habit #2:
"Begin with the End in Mind"

Monday, January 15, 2018


Habit #1:  *"You're in Charge"

I am a responsible person.
I take initiative.
I choose my actions, attitudes, and news.
I do not blame others for my wrong actions.
I do the right thing without being
asked, even if no one is looking.
Congratulations to these pupils, recognized
for their success in learning & helping others!
Habit #1
"We're Proactive"

Saturday, January 13, 2018

She Went Where?

Recently this 1st grader made a choice to
to use
P.B.I.S. tickets she'd earned
 and go to the 
principal's office. 
What was the occasion?
Why, it was the chance 
to read aloud to Mrs. Hayes!

"Confidence" goes 
hand-in-hand while we learn. 

All throughout JANUARY we'll be practicing
 Habit #4, "Win-Win"

Friday, January 12, 2018

Flashback Friday

Community volunteers at school?  #TheBest
We always count on great student helpers!
Need a "lighting expert?"
No problem, we happen to know a few!
About all those kids in hats.....
and moms joining in........
well, it helped raise funds
for our after-school program.
Many thanks for the donations!
We enjoy daily story time at school.
Do you read a lot?
We highly recommend it.
After all, reader are leaders!
We often must find a partner to get all 
our books back to Mrs. Wesley in the library!
Luckily we have volunteers from
our nearby "sister school," L.H.S.
Of course we have them at school.

Wow!  3rd graders met a trooper from
the Illinois State Police & his partners
answered many of our questions.
The T.A.G. team had tremendous success.

Here's looking at you kids.
Well done, well done!
We celebrated victories of classmates
who are learning "The Seven Habits."
Mr. Jenning introduced each pupil, while
the Jr. High squad cheered their efforts.
Did you make it to our 
Fine Arts & Family Reading Night?
It was a wonderful evening......
filled with many projects,
artwork, and student stories.
It was great seeing so many guests that night.
Thank you Mrs. Mendenall for providing
accompaniment during a holiday "sing-along."
Learning, sharing, growing.
Honoring our veterans is always a privilege.