Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Coral Reef

"The coral reef is full of animals and life.  Many fish and other animals live by a reef.  A blue king angelfish might meet up with a shark that has big teeth!"    ~Ashlynn

"A coral reef is full of animals.  You can see an octopus and maybe even a shark, or starfish.  Sharks eat meat.  Sharks feed by the coral reef because it is teeming with fish."  ~Jordan

 "We learned about life in a coral reef.  I am very interested in these waters; a reef is full of animals.  One is the crown of thorns starfish.  It eats seven feet of coral reef each week.  This is terrible!  The butterfly fish will hide in the reeds and you might see an Eel.  Shrimp are nice creatures in the water but did you know that an eel will eat them?"   ~Emily

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