Monday, May 27, 2013

Readers Are Leaders

Visited the Lawrence Public Library lately?
So many interesting things to choose from!

It's comfortable and bright inside.  If
anyone needs help, all you do is ask.

Their "Summer Reading Program"
begins in June.  It's free so don't forget to sign
up now for all the fun, friends, music, and books.

Our field trip was a lot of fun.
Thanks for having us!

See additional images about 3rd 
graders visiting The Library on Face Book:
Find out more about
The Lawrence Township Library

District on the web:

The Book

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Refections on the Last Day of School at LHS

Reflections on the last day of School

For me, today felt like I was a senior experiencing her last day of high school. In the past few months, I have been so ready to leave and move on to the next thing. I can't wait to set up shop in that shiny new building across town. I have been so ready to LEAVE that today I was surprised to find myself sad and (sometimes) holding back tears.

I packed textbooks.
I helped my husband box up some stuff in his classroom.
I talked and laughed with kids before they dug into exams.
I graded their finals and shared with them their successes.
The last student walked out of Room 16 this afternoon.

Before Mr. Fisher's retirement party, the staff had a brief meeting in the library. As Mr. Higginbotham talked to us about the move and other summer information, my eyes wandered around the library. It is by far my favorite room. The lovely woodwork of the bare shelves is striking. The moulding is exquisite. It is truly a grand room in a grand building.

As I listened to long-retired teachers telling stories about Mr. Fisher, I thought of the thousands of students who he influenced. I thought of the thousands more who sat in that very room researching, reading, and writing.

On the last day of School, I'm a little sad that my own children, who know most every nook and cranny, won't be among those thousands. On the last day of School, the past is outweighing the future in my mind. On the last day of School, I feel a bit humbled. I am grateful for the generations early in the last century that gave this community such a gift.

Lawrenceville High School
May 24, 2013                         ~Parkside Parent
                                                                  Mrs. Ann Rimovsky Atkins

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wild Wednesdays

It's Wednesday & that means wearing a
"Wild About Pre-K" shirt.  The year is nearly over
and Parkside's very own Miss Mary is retiring. 
Congratulations and thank you for 
making a difference in the lives of children.

"I'm so sad to say that this is the last of my children
who'll have the privilege of seeing this wonderful woman
every day at school.  I'm grateful that two of them
had a chance to be with her!"  ~Proud Parent

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Yup, Preschoolers Miss Nothing

  My son, examining the grocery list asks,
"Mom, does this say 'broccoli?'"
I reply, "Yes it does, good job!"
He then takes my pen
      and draws a line through it.      
                                      ~Proud Parent

Last Class to Graduate from LHS

L.H.S. graduation
Sunday May 19, 2013
Lawrenceville, Illinois

Photographs compliments of
Ed Brumley Photography

Monday, May 20, 2013

Get A Kid Hooked Today!

Information about the summer reading program at
the Lawrence Township Public Library is coming
home with students now.  The free annual event
begins in June; you won't want that special child
we all love to miss it.  Reading:  it is that rare habit
that one should start early but never, never "break!"

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Thought

 Let us lead one
another into the future
with joy and promise!

These kids will shape the world one day.

They're not our children
by birth, but they
surely have our hearts.


 It's L.H.S. Graduation Day and
these Lawrenceville High School
students are saying "Goodbye" to the 
building on 8th Street and "Hello"
to that future they'll be creating.  

Best of luck and congratulations to
to all Lawrenceville High School
graduates, their teachers, and families! 

Proud moments, those spent
sharing the lives of young people
in our small community.
Best wishes for a happy Sunday!    

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fourth Grade Spring Concert

Images compliments of Old50 Photography

What do you get when kids are given a
chance to express themselves, fun music,
caring teachers, and audience of loved ones?

talented 4th Graders
with their
spring program to remember!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

That Phone Call

There was no one answering 
so I left a message.  When the parent
returned my phone call, we discussed the
progress her son was making.  I thanked
her for getting back with me and prepared to
end our brief conversation, explaining that
I needed to head to a dutyBefore we said
she offered these thoughts:  

"I want you to know how much I appreciate
all the people at school.  Everyone from my
son's teacher, the nurse,
Mrs. Large, everybody

has been great all the way through
You've answered all of my
and been
so supportive.  We're so lucky."  


"Best Way" to end a long, busy day.......

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Thought

My mother wrote
"My children are my gift to the Universe."

Let it be so.
Let's continue to provide

that important balance of love
and structure for all our youngsters.  

As you give, so shall you receive.


Happy Mother's Day

The Band Perry:
"Mother Like Mine"
A Parkside parent shared this with us,
for May 12th 2013 and the mothers among us.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Before and After


........ or best?

Fourth graders just want to have fun.

Been to School Lately?

Ah, spring programs happen.

Lots of support.........



and loads of talent too!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

What Makes a Mother Special?

"What makes a mother special?  She's
there when you need a smile.  When my
mother is near her smile is like gold,
shining brighter than the sun."  ~Sydni 

 "A good mother would make cookies. 
She'd take her family all around the country 
so they could see all kinds of things."  ~Ethan

 "What makes my mom great is that she
loves me so, so much.  So much, to the moon and
back!  She cooks for us, she cares for me.  She buys
me clothes.  Oh my mom is very special! 

 "Moms are special.  Our mom takes us out
to eat sometimes.  What is great is that she does
things with me all the time!  My mom lets us 
go camping.  She is really wonderful to me."  ~Steven

 "My mom makes me feel safe and special. 
She feeds me.  The best thing is that my mom
always tries to help me with problems."

"What makes mothers special?  My mother
treats me like I am her number one son.
  I love it that she does that. 

"Our mom helps us and comforts us."  ~Aaron

"What makes a mother someone special?  
A good mother is always there when we need them.
They make you food and somewhere to live.
Mothers will
take you to the
doctor when you don't feel well."  

 "I am so thankful for my mother!
She feeds me and puts a roof over my
My mother would do anything for me!

"My mother is special, yes she's just
great!  She protects me and loves me.  

I love her but she loves me back even more.
My mother is perfect."   ~Cara

"My mother makes me feel special because
she helps me with my homework.  My mom
is the best mom you could ever have.  She
listens to what I have to say.  She's very nice and
best of all she loves me and our family more
than anything in the world!"    ~Damon      

The Ladies

As I'm pulling out of the garage this
morning I notice the scent of men's
Curve cologne.  I ask my son if he'd
been into his dad's cologne and he
says, "We'll, yeah, I've got to attract
the ladies."  Oh my............   

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Exact Words

Today a child who challenges me said
something really surprising.  It caught me off
guard because the two of us have had some
very trying times during the past weeks.

"I like being around
you and wo
rking with you,"
were the exact words.

get it right, together. 
I have a different perspective
and hope to renew it with my kids.