Friday, March 8, 2013

The Cats' Tea Party

                                              The Cats' Tea Party                                                      
  By Frederick Weatherly

Five little pussy-cats, invited out to tea,
Cried:  "Mother, let us go- Oh do! for good we'll surely be.
We'll wear our bibs and hold out things as you have shown us how-
Spoons in right paws, cups in left- and make a pretty bow;
Well always say "Yes, if you please,' and only half of that."
"Then go my little darling children," said the happy Mother Cat.

The five little pussy-cats went out that night to tea.
Their heads were smooth and glossy, their tails were swinging free;
They held their things as they had learned, and tried to be polite;-
With snowy bibs beneath their chins they were a pretty sight.

But, alas, for manners beautiful, and coats as soft as silk!
The moment that the little kits were asked to take some milk,
They dropped their spoons, forgot to bow, and - oh, what do you think?
They put their noses in the cups and all began to drink!
Yes, every naughty little kit set up a mew for more,
Then knocked their tea-cups over, and scampered through the door.
                                                                                     ~Jayden, 4th Grade

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