Thursday, September 13, 2012

This Moment

Sometimes an incident leaves an impression that's loud and clear.  Today my class was outside a  computer lab prior to entering to do a STAR asssessment.  While some were talking among themselves, most of the pupils were clearly irritated and impatient.  Time dragged on because the group ahead of us was still behind closed doors.  Nothing was happening and my group sensed we were most likely going to be late for the next rotation of classes.  Suddenly a small clutch of preschoolers, some of which were in walkers or on crutches, came down the hall with their teacher.  Upon seeing this my boys and girls stopped talking all together as the youngsters moved past us.  You could have heard a pin drop.......until one little preschooler  cheerfully said, "Hi, how are you?"   I was so proud of my kids because they nodded and or gently murmured "good morning," smiling back at the child as he followed his teacher.  These four and five-year-olds were moving through the hallway at a painfully slow pace.  It made me think.  The kids and I will talk.  Yes, together we will be revisiting this moment together.         

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