Monday, April 8, 2013

Understanding Integration and Segregation

 In the U.S. an attempt to end the practice of separating children
of different races into distinct public schools began in the 1950's.

My third graders have been delving into the historical
  fiction genre all year and
Black History is a topic they're
  really interested in.  Recently, a youngster brought
cupcakes to share with classmates on his birthday.  

                 As the group was enjoying the treat, I put the
           leftovers together in the same container, explaining
            to the birthday boy that I'd put both the chocolate
white cupcakes together.  Undoubtedly that
                 would make it easier for him to carry them.  

  Three of my pupils immediately pointed
out that the cupcakes had been segregated,
  however now they were integrated.  One child
remarked, "That's just like the blacks and
whites in the 1950's and 1960's!"

                                                  ~Proud Staff Member

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