Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fair Week in Lawrence County

Bunnies can be a tad bit shy.....

We are wrestlers called "The Diesel Hogs."

Hog wrestling is a competition where four person
teams enter the mud pit/arena and try to catch a
hog and lift it up onto a padded barrel. The porkers
are clearly in their element, the competitors clearly
are not. The whole thing ends up being a
tremendous amount of fun.

 Congratulations to all those who entered
General Projects.  You did a great job!

Best of Show Awards:
Technology - Lane Robinson
Visual Arts - Taylor Heath
Photography - Taylor Heath
Foods - Maizie Organ
Plants & Soils - Laney Moore
Natural Resources - Maggie Lawrence
Home & Family - Aiden Potts
Community Involvement - Lindsey Waller
Animal Science - Emma Heath
Mechanics -Austin Price
Clothing Decisions I - Saylor Price
Outstanding Clothing (non-wearable) - Riley Greentree
Outstanding Fashion Revue Model - Saylor Price

Let them eat cake......"funnel cake" that is! 

There's something for everyone to see and enjoy.

 Thank you to everyone who make
the Junior 4 H Fair so special for us!

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