Saturday, September 7, 2013


Images from the dedication of Ed Loeb Field;
photo compliments of Illinois High School Sports.
"I didn't know about the award until we got in
the car
to go to the ceremony for my dad and Jan. 
I'm not very
good at keeping secrets.  When we saw
him, my dad said to Abby
'I thought you were at
volleyball practice.' I think we surprised him."   

Congratulations to Jan Loeb & Paul Higginbotham,
recipients of 
The Reaching Out & Building Bridges Award
on September 4th from the Wabash Valley Region of the Illinois Principal Association.  Jan's gift of the Ed Loeb
football and track complex as well as annual
scholarships to  Unit 20 professionals for classroom
projects are
true measures of her
dedication to our children and community. 

We'll be faithful caretakers of such gifts.

L.H.S. Principal Paul Higginbotham was also
 honored with the 2013 Stan Struckmeyer Award

The honor recognizes a school administrator who meets
 adversity and challenge head on, while continuing
to make excellence and pupil learning opportunities
the focus of their professional responsibilities.
Management of such projects as the completion of

the Loeb Sports Complex and the new Lawrenceville High
School were completed
by this principal, dad, and husband.   
Team work, it's what makes things happen!  

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