Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Gloves

"Hey sis that's the lady Noni gave gloves to," were the words I heard from my son when we pulled into a local restaurant to grab some breakfast. 

When I asked about his comment, the children told me about a day they'd been at McDonald's with their grandmother and noticed the young lady in the drive-up window.  The three of them could see she was uncomfortable because it was a bitterly cold day and her hands were bare. 

Without a word, my mother took off her gloves and handed them to the employee at the window.  That sounds familiar because my mother had no idea who this young gal was,
but she didn't have to.  

That's  the kind of person my mom is. 
I'm grateful my two children got to see
her "in action."   
          ~Parkside Parent

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