Friday, February 7, 2014

Fourth Grade Poets

What do we get when helping kids
discover the Japanese poet Basho, writing
a poem about a hippo, and introduce them
to the  5-7-5 hikau syllable cadence? 

How about a new world of expression!

Surfing loudly
It rose from the river's debts
                                                                               ~Mr. Watson

A bird's song is lovely
The tune ever beautiful
Cherish a bird's song

The moon shone brightly
on the sea, land, and roof all
It's spectacular.

The bird crows at dawn
Wind howls at the horizon,
and morning it is.

Football is awesome
Sweat, chilly air, cleats, shoulder pads
Coaches, fans, spirit.

This month we share ways each of us can make a difference.

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