Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Good Job!

This time of the school year many pupils are given year-end assessments; our school is currently checking reading progress.  One test involves giving the child a specific word.  They listen and then respond back to the teacher with the individual phonemes that they hear.   

An example would be the word "soap."
The individual sounds are /s/ /o/ /p/ with the
/o/ being a long vowel sound.   Children are given different words over the course of just sixty seconds while an adult uses a timer to maintain accuracy, while recording responses. 

In Mrs. Hulen's Kindergarten class today one little girl was concentrating quite intently during her turn.  When the sixty seconds had elapsed the teacher stopped the timer and looked up at her.  "Good job we're all done."  

             Without hesitation the girl
              smiled and said 
/j/ /o/ /b/. 


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