Sunday, June 8, 2014

Touching Eternity

Results of what you do each day
Are sometimes quite far reaching,
And for those who shape a young child's life
Are the ones who do the teaching.

A teacher's reach is not restrained
To just a day or two.
The things you say and the things you do
Can last a whole life through.

You teach the basic skills, of course
And that may be your goal,
But in the process, as you teach
You touch some student's soul.

A kindness shown, a thoughtful word
Or a precious moment shared,
Somewhere someone is better off
Because a teacher cared.

The child you teach will have a child,
And you've earned more than wages,
For the values that you teach today
Will echo through the ages.

So as you do your job each day,
Whatever it may bring've touched eternity
And that's an awesome thing!
                              ~Jim Fry
Written as a gift for his wife, upon her retirement

In June we celebrate Dads & Grandfathers

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