Monday, August 4, 2014

A Gathering Place

Join us in August for
"That Makes Me Think!" 

It was another August day in 2011, when the dedication of the Ed Loeb Sports Complex
took place alongside Jan Loeb and her family.

It's become a gathering place.

There are football practices or games,
track-and-field meets, and many special
events.  Loeb Field is busy.  Parkside pupils often use the track during the school
day while community members enjoy
walking there throughout the entire year.  

Last week it was again a gathering
place for some energetic youth.

 There were happy faces

Prepping for fund-raising 

Loeb Field is a wonderful place
for youngsters to "get-the-job-done." 
For this we're very thankful. 

 Good advertising is essential

#Big Thanks for supporting our youth!

  When we see the girls cheering this
season, know that community starts with
you and me.  It's belief in our youngsters,
setting great examples and providing them
with opportunities and new experiences.   

Those are time-honored truths
and rights to preserve for every family.

In August we share TMMT stories

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