Sunday, November 16, 2014

And There Was Merry-Making

What do you get with a group
of hard working fifth graders,
their reading teachers, and a
community of well-wishers rooting
them on through Social Media?

You score THE big win, by
accumulating more points than
1,200 other teams from across the U.S. 
That's our
#LexiaLearning  #Transformers
They each worked
steadily ahead on individual 
computerized reading programs,
gaining the most points possible.

Congratulations to
Jessica Waggoner, Jessica Crawford,
and Shannon Stallings' pupils.
The group earned a 1st place finish
and a pizza party in a contest
sponsored through Lexia Learning! 

 Of course they wore party hats.

 Special delivery.....lunch is served.

 Don't forget some dessert.

We salute our learning community.
Thank you for your support!  
At Parkside it's always a team
effort, on behalf of our customers.

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