Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Special Day, Thanks to PTO!

Who knew the joy
it would bring,
smiles & laughter
to make our hearts "sing!" 

Thank you Pam Nolan at
Essentials Hallmark Cards & Gifts
for donating the colorful balloons.
PTO has been expecting you.....come on in!

 Thank you Bil Collins and ROOTS for
the lovely flowers that greeted guests!

Ready for some fun?

 Some tried out the Limbo bar!

So many activities to choose from.

There were lots of face painting customers.
Thank you to Mrs. Rachel Tewell and 
Lawrenceville High School students!

 We hope you enjoyed the refreshments.

Thank you to Mrs.Tresa Pargin and
Mrs. Ashley Benson for the table decorations.

OK.......back to playing more games!

Did we mention there was lots of giggling?

Mrs. Hayes created a musical book walk!

 Wasn't the cotton candy delicious?

 Thank you Mrs. Katie Kiser and Lawrenceville High School photography
pupils for taking pictures of guests.

The kids will be so excited to get the photos!

The helpers at every game were grand.

We'll never forget the 2015 Spring Carnival.

 Thank you Mrs. Irvin and
Olivia Mullins for creating an "Autograph Wall" for all who joined the fun on April 18th. 

Thank you Zane Bellinger for
creating "Olaf," because he was a huge hit.

 Making so many families
and guests "happy" was wonderful! 

"It takes a village to raise a child."
                                            ~African Proverb

Image compliments of Ed Brumley

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