Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Getting and Staying Fit

Photograph compliments of The Lawrenceville Daily Record

Six fifth-graders at Parkside Elementary have
spent their entire school year getting fit.
Now, they'll be able to stay that way by riding new
bicycles, compliments of an after-school exercise program.

The youth were awarded the new two-wheelers
Monday morning in a ceremony at the school.
Winners were Jared Gray, Karter Clark,
Elizabeth Haaff, Shawnetta Stephens,
MaKayla Kocher and Darelyn Abbey.

"It's a good day for the kids," said Karri Irvin, a
first-grade teacher at Parkside, and one of three
teachers who volunteer their time for the program.
Other volunteers include Mrs. Becky Lyles,
Mrs. Joni Wells and Ms. Jessica Waggoner.

According to Irvin, winners were selected by a 
variety of criteria, including dedication, manners
and attendance.  She explained that the
school  receives sufficient donations to
cover the cost of the bicycles.

Dr. Larry Herron, who oversees Parkside's 
exercise program, contends that fitness is the goal. 
"We want to instill it in them while they're young,"
he said. "We want to stress the importance
of being fit, and then we hope they'll stay with it."

Perhaps the new bicycle will give
them reason to do just that.


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