Monday, October 12, 2015

Now We Know

Parkside 5th graders listening this month to Richard Peck's "On the Wings of Heroes"
got some first hand verification, via a recent phone call.....thanks to a fellow classmate.        

"They all wondered why nine year old
Davey Bowman and his friend Scooter,
admired a bicycle that had a squirrel tail
hanging on the rear fender."        

 It took some initiative and a helpful
great-grandparent living in Texas. 

Here's the fact: in early 1942
(the time period of the story) 
it was considered "good luck" if an American child
decorated the back fender
of their bike with a
-white-and-blue squirrel tail! 

Pearl Harbor had recently been
bombed and U.S. forces were officially 
involved in fighting the battles of WW II. 

 "Good readers make connections!"


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