Monday, March 28, 2016

Annual Illinois Spring Classic--Hooray!

Kids Shopping Day of Lawrence County 
held their annual 5K & Half Marathon
 event at Parkside, on March 26th.

Proceeds go toward helping children
receive everything they need to start
the school year off right:  clothes, shoes,
toiletries, supplies, backpacks and much more!

Our very own Miss Lawrence County
Bailey L. Adams joined in to wish the runners well.

These brothers had things
covered at 
the two-mile-marker.

 Lots of cheering at the finish line!

 Smiles all around

 Supporting Kids Shopping Day "runs in the family."

Participating with a buddy makes a wonderful difference.

 We salute all who took part in Saturday's event!

Thank you, thank you to the 
many volunteers & participants! 

2016 5K & Half Marathon

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