Monday, January 9, 2017

It Was Icy and Bitter

To say that the weather was cold at the start of classes following break is an understatement.
It was icy and harsh.....
with unforgivable, howling winds.

We watch for children nearing the building 
at the beginning of each day to see 
all get inside quickly and safely.
  Yet a four-year-old faltered and
against an unrelenting wind
that morning as she stepped out of the bus.

Students swept past her,
hurrying toward the entrance.
After all, it was bitterly cold; a steady
 line of buses and pupils just "kept coming."

It took a third grader a moment to
realize what was happening.  She didn't
recognize the child but moved through
 the crowd to reach out and 
take her hand.  
Together the two girls walked against the wind and toward the door.  Once inside, they both
relaxed and gave each other a little smile.  

Everyone should witness 
selfless grace such as this.
We all should aspire to be kind.

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