Monday, November 12, 2012

"If I Were President"

The 2012 Presidential election is "in the books."  Mrs. Emily Wells' third graders wrote their thoughts about serving others, if given the chance.  Mr. Obama, here's what our younger generation dreams about:  "I would......"

~treat the world fairly
~help world hunger and homelessness
~deal with pollution
~bring about world peace
~not allow people to smoke
~give some of the money from rich people to the poor
~make laws that prevent bullying everywhere
~keep endangered animals safe
~give money to hospitals
~give poor people homes
~get poor children toys
~not take money from people's banks
~stop costly policies
~give money to those who need it
~lower the cost of health insurance
~help kids learn
~include people that are poor
~help the churches
~give money to Medicare
~find jobs for everyone                           Maybe we should get this input to Washington D.C.

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