Tuesday, November 27, 2012

POLL: Best Part of Thankgiving

~Celebrating with family
~Traveling to see relatives
~Helping make Thanksgiving dinner
~Playing with my cousins
~Sleeping over at a friend's house
~Going to basketball games
~Seeing my grandparents
~Playing basketball
~Watching my favorite TV shows
~Getting a new puppy
~Going Christmas shopping
~Eating favorite foods
~Getting a Christmas tree
~Saved for and got an iPad
~Making noodles with mom
~Seeing my Aunt and Uncle
~Playing video games
~Getting to see the school my dad went to
~Playing outside
~Having seconds on pie
~Picking up visitors at the airport
~Seeing Christmas lights
~Shopping with my dad
~Spending time with my family
~Christmas songs on the radio
~Riding my bike
~Taking lots of pictures
~Going to the movies
~Playing in the park
~Getting to stay up late
~Getting to sleep in
~Being with the people I love  
                     It's the little things that make Thanksgiving break memorable!

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