Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's Important to Help the Kids at Sandy Hook

"I am glad we're making these handprints for the school."   ~Skylar
"The green and white are their school colors, right?"  ~Rachel
"A colorful border around the page will make them smile."  ~Tanner
"I invited the janitors to make one too!"  ~Xavier
"Can we make another one?"  ~Andew
"My mom gave Mrs. Mack this idea!"  ~Drew
"I invited Mr. Mikeworth & Mrs. Petty to make one too."  ~Cody
"Mrs. Hayes took a picture while we were drawing."  ~Harley
"I hope our messages helps them feel hope and love." ~Megan
"It was sad.  It's important to help."  ~Tanner

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