Saturday, December 22, 2012

Last Friday Before Christmas & Break

"I have a special gift for my teacher!"   ~Annastyn
"Today we get to play games and have a Christmas party."  ~Evan
"'s COLD outside.  Maybe we will get some snow now."  ~Kristen
"Can't wait for my mom's wedding & Christmas.  ~Henry
"I hope the Christmas carols don't go away......."   ~Christopher
"I have special treats for our party today!"  ~Amy
"The decorations in school are so pretty."  ~Madi
"My mom brought goodies for my sister and I to give the teachers."  ~Josh
"Hooray, we get out early today!"  ~Thomas
"Glad 5th graders collected food for the Humane Society."  ~Colton
"On a scale of one-to-five, I'm a five today.~"  ~Lathan
"I can't wait for my teacher to open up her gift."  ~Dakota

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