Monday, March 10, 2014

Ag in the Classroom

                                                   Photo compliments of The Lawrenceville Daily Record

From left, Wyatt Rinsch (Thing 1), Dalton Vories (The Cat in the Hat) and Blake Rinsch (Thing 2) were a part of "Green Eggs and Ag" recently at Central Christian Church in Lawrenceville.
Second graders from throughout the county attended the program, which was a part of
the Lawrence County Ag in the Classroom program.

The Lawrence County Ag in the Classroom program ties the two together annually with "Green Eggs and Ag." This year's event was held Friday March 7th at Central Christian Church.

"It's kind of a celebration of agriculture through Dr. Seuss," said Kris Hasewinkle, the Lawrence County Ag in the Classroom Coordinator.  "We take some of his books and put a twist on them. They've been talking about Dr. Seuss at school and today they'll come in and learn a little bit about agriculture."
              March is our "Dr. Seuss Month,"
           moments to make you smile!

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