Friday, March 21, 2014

I Want to Place an Order

While in the Lawrenceville McDonalds today for a quick lunch, I saw a young man in his dress military uniform come into the long line to place an order. 

When the woman directly in front of him reached the counter, she turned to him and said, "What would you like for lunch? I'm getting yours today." 

The young man said, "Oh, no, no...that's all right." The woman insisted, "No sir, I'm buying your lunch today! It's the very least I can do to thank you for your service to this country."

The young man politely thanked her, got his lunch, and sat down. I had finished my food by this time and was just throwing trash away when the woman walked by me with her order.  I reached out and gently put my hand on her arm and told her, "Ma'am, that has to be the most wonderful thing I have ever seen! I'm privileged to have witnessed it." 

She said, "Well, there's a story behind what I did. My fiance was killed in Vietnam. I miss him every day. Several years later, I married his best friend and Army buddy. We have had such wonderful life! We both miss my fiance every day. I do this in his memory. I can't do much for our soldiers who are overseas, but I can do this small thing for those who are still stationed in this country.

I told her, "What a special lady you are; have
a wonderful afternoon!" I literally left McDonald's with tears streaming down my face.  I don't know who that kind woman was, but she made my day!   
~Miss Williamson

 March is our "Dr. Seuss Month," moments to make you smile! 

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