Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Thought 1-17-2016

Want a way to make an important
difference in Lawrence County? 

Click the link below to learn more:

"If you're out grocery shopping this week,
please pick up some kid-friendly snacks,
breakfasts & non-perishable meals. 


The Lawrenceville High School FCA
and BETA kids are holding a drive during
the rest of January collecting goods
for Fishes & Loaves, a new local charity
 that'll provide weekend meals for
Lawrence County children.  Please check
 out the list below, and thank you."  
                                                                 ~Parkside Parent

Fishes and Loaves

Cereal Bars   
Individual Boxes or Bowls of Cereal  
Pop Tarts

Lunch and Dinner: 
Individual Size Pop-top or 
Individual Size Microwaveable Bowls of:
Spaghetti and Meatballs
Spaghetti O's
Spaghetti O's and Meatballs
Rice and Chicken
ABC's and 123's
Mac and Cheese
Vienna Sausages
Peanutbutter (16 oz. jars)
Pop-top Cans of Ready-to-eat Soup

Individual Packages of Apple Sauce
Granola Bars
Individual Packages of Pudding
Fruit Snacks and or Fruit Leathers

Food items will also be collected at
the Lawrenceville/RedHill boys
basketball game on Tuesday
9th @ Red Hill High 

School located in Bridgeport, Illinois.

Our admission to the game that night
is FREE- because it's "Pack the Place,"
sponsored by People's State Bank.

BIG thanks to the folks @
the Sumner Attendance Center who
started working to make this happen
 in Lawrence 
County on behalf
of children, this past fall!

Distribution of backpacks 

begins in February 2016.

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