Monday, January 25, 2016

Wish You'd Been There......

Testing the Ice
                           ~By Sharon Robinson

Monday we read a story about dad and
baseball player, Jackie Robinson.  His children
were unaware he was unable to swim.  Yet Jackie
reluctantly summoned the courage to "test" the ice when
they longed to lace up their ice skates one winter day.

Robinson summoned his courage on the field
 as well, 
at a time when black players were
 not allowed into major league baseball. 

Great discussion, I wish you could
have shared  it all with us on Monday.......

"Why couldn't he play?  That's silly?"  ~Andrew

"Black players couldn't sleep in hotels?
What kind of country was it, anyway?"

"I guess Jackie just had to show them."  ~J.J.

"He didn't tell his kids he couldn't swim
That way they would be fearless."  ~Sydney

"If I had been a hotel owner,
Jackie would have been able to stay!"  ~Alivia

"No one should treat someone badly
because their skin color is different
than yours.  It's not right."  ~Kamron


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