Friday, January 4, 2013

Back in School

How was your break?

"Great!  It's cold out but I love the snow."  ~Josh
"Wonderful!"  ~Madison
"Guess what?  Santa got me a bow-and-arrow because I'm responsible."  ~Gregory
"Good; now it's a new year!"  ~Emily
"It was quiet because we were snowed in.  I am glad we're here."  ~Emily
"It was very noisy with lots of family at my house."  ~Jerry
"Nice but when are we going to have our reading group?"  ~Christopher
"Good because guess why?  I have a new baby brother!"  ~Matthew
"Kind of different because Santa brought me lots of clothes."  ~Haley
"I had fun.  By the way did you notice anything different?  Like my new hair?"  ~Justice
"Busy!"  ~Sydney
"Too long; I am happy to be back."  ~Ryan
"Neat because we got new books from Santa."  ~Paige
"Full of fun!"  ~Roman
"So good; thanks for asking."  ~Tessa
"Nice because Christmas was special."  ~Katelyn

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