Thursday, January 24, 2013

One Hundred

Friday marks the 100th day of the school year!

"Mrs. Gray decorated our room for an exciting day,  Did you see it?"   --Ashlynn
"I am bringing a collection to surprise my teacher."  --Coy
"No way one hundred days already?"  --Dawson
"The Hundred Dresses is One of My Favorite Books."  --Mrs. Faith
"I get to see over 100 smiles each morning at the west doors."  --Mrs. Weiss
"My grandmother lived almost 100 years.....amazing."  -- Mike
"I can read 100 words.  Want to hear me?  --Brycen
"Abe Lincoln fought 100 Indians in the war."  --Justice
"We can try and do 100 sit-ups on Friday."  --Tanner
"My grandmother is always giving us 100 hugs and kisses."  --Chase
"There are hundreds of paper chains hanging in our school.  I love them."  --Lisa
"Wow, where does the time hundred days in 2nd Grade."  --Dreak
"We will be doing fun, surprising things all day long."  --Mrs. Hulen.

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