Tuesday, January 29, 2013

We're Reading "The Hundred Dresses"

"We're ready for chapter three tomorrow and it's kind of early in the story.  But I can tell that what the kids are doing is bullying.  They may not have called it that, 69 years ago but mean is mean.  It doesn't need a fancy name."  ~Alexandria

Eleanor Estes’s The Hundred Dresses won a Newbery Honor in 1945 and has never been out of print since. At the heart of the story is Wanda Petronski, a Polish girl in a Connecticut school who is ridiculed by her classmates for wearing the same faded blue dress every day. Wanda claims she has one hundred dresses at home, but everyone knows she doesn’t and bullies her mercilessly. The class feels terrible when Wanda is pulled out of the school, but by that time it’s too late for apologies. Maddie, one of Wanda’s classmates, ultimately decides that she is “never going to stand by and say nothing again.”

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