Monday, December 2, 2013

Holidays in Our Hometown #6

Thanksgiving may be.....well,
kind of a bad day if you're a turkey.

Some classes discussed poultry farms,
and it led to awareness of the annual
gift-of-a-bird for the First Family........

Ever hear about an annual White House tradition that
spares a turkey brought to the First Family at the White

House in Washington, from somewhere in our nation?  

This year a pair of birds who were raised on a farm in
Badger, Minnesota were the ones who made the trip to D.C. 
The President welcomed pupils from Badger High School
who also traveled to The White House.  The ceremony that saved the birds from ending up on the dinner table
just in time,
(video above) last Wednesday, a single day
before the Thanksgiving holiday.  

Since 1947, members of The National Turkey Federation annually present a bird to The President this time of the
year.  Last week Mr. Obama pardoned Popcorn
along with
a second turkey, with his two daughters at his side. 

Did you know about this holiday tradition?

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