Saturday, May 25, 2013

Refections on the Last Day of School at LHS

Reflections on the last day of School

For me, today felt like I was a senior experiencing her last day of high school. In the past few months, I have been so ready to leave and move on to the next thing. I can't wait to set up shop in that shiny new building across town. I have been so ready to LEAVE that today I was surprised to find myself sad and (sometimes) holding back tears.

I packed textbooks.
I helped my husband box up some stuff in his classroom.
I talked and laughed with kids before they dug into exams.
I graded their finals and shared with them their successes.
The last student walked out of Room 16 this afternoon.

Before Mr. Fisher's retirement party, the staff had a brief meeting in the library. As Mr. Higginbotham talked to us about the move and other summer information, my eyes wandered around the library. It is by far my favorite room. The lovely woodwork of the bare shelves is striking. The moulding is exquisite. It is truly a grand room in a grand building.

As I listened to long-retired teachers telling stories about Mr. Fisher, I thought of the thousands of students who he influenced. I thought of the thousands more who sat in that very room researching, reading, and writing.

On the last day of School, I'm a little sad that my own children, who know most every nook and cranny, won't be among those thousands. On the last day of School, the past is outweighing the future in my mind. On the last day of School, I feel a bit humbled. I am grateful for the generations early in the last century that gave this community such a gift.

Lawrenceville High School
May 24, 2013                         ~Parkside Parent
                                                                  Mrs. Ann Rimovsky Atkins

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