Thursday, May 9, 2013

What Makes a Mother Special?

"What makes a mother special?  She's
there when you need a smile.  When my
mother is near her smile is like gold,
shining brighter than the sun."  ~Sydni 

 "A good mother would make cookies. 
She'd take her family all around the country 
so they could see all kinds of things."  ~Ethan

 "What makes my mom great is that she
loves me so, so much.  So much, to the moon and
back!  She cooks for us, she cares for me.  She buys
me clothes.  Oh my mom is very special! 

 "Moms are special.  Our mom takes us out
to eat sometimes.  What is great is that she does
things with me all the time!  My mom lets us 
go camping.  She is really wonderful to me."  ~Steven

 "My mom makes me feel safe and special. 
She feeds me.  The best thing is that my mom
always tries to help me with problems."

"What makes mothers special?  My mother
treats me like I am her number one son.
  I love it that she does that. 

"Our mom helps us and comforts us."  ~Aaron

"What makes a mother someone special?  
A good mother is always there when we need them.
They make you food and somewhere to live.
Mothers will
take you to the
doctor when you don't feel well."  

 "I am so thankful for my mother!
She feeds me and puts a roof over my
My mother would do anything for me!

"My mother is special, yes she's just
great!  She protects me and loves me.  

I love her but she loves me back even more.
My mother is perfect."   ~Cara

"My mother makes me feel special because
she helps me with my homework.  My mom
is the best mom you could ever have.  She
listens to what I have to say.  She's very nice and
best of all she loves me and our family more
than anything in the world!"    ~Damon      

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