Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thanks Teachers for Never Giving Up

"What makes a good teacher?  Mine is good
because he expects us to be good.  He teaches my
class and I and he loves us.  He cares about other kids.
He is nice, he is funny and sometimes he acts in class."

"My teachers are just great!  They trust me and we
feel safe around them.  They are cool, the best I have
ever had.  I really wish I could be with them every year."

"My reading teacher is so nice.  He makes sure that 
we're ready for anything, even the ISAT.  He's so fun too."

"My teachers are the best.  They are nice to
me and others.  They make me feel safe." 

"A teacher who is a good one  is always on time.
My homeroom teacher cares for the students so he
is a good teacher.  My homeroom teacher teache
so everyone understands, so he is a good teacher. 
He is a funny so he is a good teacher.  My homeroom

teacher tries to stop bullying so he is the best teacher.  
I believe these things are what make a difference."

"My teacher is the greatest.  He makes
me feel special.  He makes me feel safe
so I know that he's the best one for me!"    

 "My teacher always helps me with work. 
He makes up games to help us get ready for tests."  

"This is what makes my teacher special.  He
says things clearly and so I can hear everything.
He lets us have time in class to get help on

homework or lessons.  He also is a smart guy."     

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