Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Teacher

What do kids love about the teacher?

"I want to feel safe and he makes that happen."  ~Katelyn

"My teacher never yells like my some adults do."  ~Taylor

"In our room we sit on the rug and read together."  ~Ashlynn

"We do hard things but he explains things."  ~Alydia

"We play games to get ready for tests
and that helps me remember things."      ~Justice

 "Earning points for grades and good deeds. ~Justice

 "He gives us extra recess when we earn it."  ~Tabytha

"I like her smile."  ~Christopher

 "Something about our room is happy."  ~Jamie

"He listens to me.~Shelby 

 "She gives us a chance every time.~Xavier

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