Friday, October 25, 2013

Trip to the Office

Just this week one of my preschool pupils repeatedly asked if she could go up to the office.  Curious, I asked why she was so eager to walk all the way up to the front of the building. 

"I want to see the principal," she explained. I know what she does to you when you go up to the office!" This was beginning to sound interesting, so I pressed her to explain to me what might happen if she went to see Mrs. Large, our principal.

"She will expel me," she promptly answered back.  I smiled down at her and said, "Really?  Tell me more.  Do you know what the word expel means?"  

My little student smiled shyly and replied,
"The principal turns you into something.  I am not quite sure what she will do.....but I want to find out!" 

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