Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lucky for Us, There Are Dads

"This is my beautiful little girl."

"My dad worked really hard to be the 
best father he could be.  I miss him so."  

"My dad is the boss, a great one too."   

"We cannot say enough good things
about him, and I feel so thankful. 
I love you very much daddy!"  

"My dad is fair and he
makes us feel safe all the time." 

"My dad sacrificed much to
support his kids.  We always
wanted to make him proud of us."

"My husband is a new father
and I love hearing him
sing our son to sleep!"

"Tough and tender at the same
time is how I describe my father."

"Going to the father-daughter
dance together was  wonderful!"

"He's gone now and in a better 
place, my father.  I'll miss him forever
but his gifts are mine every day."

"You asked about my father?
He's is one-of-a-kind.
Yes, the very the best kind!"  

Lazy day watching TV with dad...... 
"She's knows who Dora is but
not show much interest yet. 
She's really into Elmo."


Papa gets an early Fathers Day
present from his best little buddy, Leo!

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