Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We Had a Blast

Third Graders Play
"A Minute-to-Win-It"

Ever tried "The Marshmallow Toss?"
One person throws a marshmallow across the 
room to their partner, who tries to catch the candy in a cup!

                                        Try making "Fruity Stacks." 
                              Kids hold a Popsicle stick in their mouth but 
                          they have only 60 seconds to stack 6 Fruit Loops.

    "M&M Smiles" might be the perfect challenge.    
You have to use a straw to transport 
M&Ms from one plate to another and
 in just a minute, try to make a smiley face!

Ever tried blowing up a balloon
 and use it to knock a cup off your desk?
 Do this in a minute or less if you can. 
We gave it our best shot!

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