Monday, June 3, 2013

What We Love About Summer

"Graduation, oh proud moments!"  ~PJHS
"Going to basketball
    camp, it's the best!"

"Fireworks & flags in July!"  ~Megan

"Win or lose, the
         Cards from St. Louis."

"Sleeping in late!"  ~John  

"Cute kids who talk me
    into face-painting!"

"Late night swimming!"  ~Mike

"A grandstand dedication."  ~Carl

"Vacation, vacation, vacation!"  ~Amy 
"Holiday World rides!"  ~Maddie
"I try not to miss the
        kids' baseball games!"
"Fresh tomatoes!"  ~Sherri 
"Grilling & vanilla ice cream."  ~Jerry 
"We have fun at the farm."  ~Shirley
"Birthday cakes for
       special little ones."
"We have fun family reunions!"  ~Todd
"There are trips to the zoo."   ~Jen
"I love time with my girlfriends."   ~Julie

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