Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An Apple A Day.........

We can spot bullying but Tuesday was different.
Today our class sat in a circle, passing around an apple.  Each of us was given the chance to hold the fruit and tell about a time when we remembered being picked on by another person.  We described to our classmates how that felt.  When each speaker was done talking, they stood up and with his or her arms raised---and dropped that apple onto the floor.  

What happened was a surprise
After each of us spoke we noticed how the skin on our apple changed.
  It looked like "tears" were coming out of the fruit. 

 Next our teacher Mrs. Wells took and cut the fruit in half . 
This is what we saw and this is what we decided.

Being "picked on" by others may not change how you look on the outside a whole lot. 
But our third grade class agreed today that being treated poorly does harm.
It's treatment that bruises you.   

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