Friday, February 15, 2013

February Conferences

"I try to not miss conferences.  It's hard to believe my child is in fifth grade."  ~Pam
"Look at all my A's mom!"  ~Chelsea
"We're more busy on Thursday than on Friday with conferences, so far."  ~Sam
"Booked up....booked up."  ~Stacey
"May I have an application for NIGHT OWLS for a parent?"  ~Brent
"Will you retest one of my students next week?"  ~Becky
"The kids did a great job Thursday, babysitting in the Community Room."  ~Maryann
"My teacher Miss Grimes is a Valentine.....her birthday is February 14th.  ~Paisley
"Thank you for coming to talk."  ~Angie
"Have a nice weekend!"  ~Anita
"It's been a great Valentines Day!"  ~Christoper

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