Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday's Wintery Mix

Early dismissal from school today........
"Oh, it is so cold out there!"   ~Jamie
"I thought the groundhog saw his shadow."  ~Dorian
"When can we go outside for recess again?"  ~Gage
"I'm freezing even wearing two coats."  ~Shelby
"Head home tonight as soon as you can!"  ~Barbara
"My dad is miserable with the flu."  ~Carson
"Where do Eskimos live and how do they do this freezing stuff?"  ~Mason
"We need to make a big pot of chili tonight!"  ~Jerry
"Leave school's starting to ice over!"  ~Joyce
"Is my dad really a meteorologist?"  ~Joseph
"My grandma bought flip-flops this week, for summer!"  ~Ella
"Our dog loves this weather....oh, but not me."  ~Clayton
"We need a lot more snow to build a snowman."  ~Hayden
"What really makes a perfect snow day is plenty of hot chocolate!"  ~Evan

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