Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday Words

"Mother told dad she loves him like a chocolate bar and it wasn't even Valentines Day."  ~Jordan
"At my new school the colors are red and purple.  Is this an excuse to buy new clothes?"  ~Megan
"Mrs. Obama can dance better than I thought a president's wife could."  ~Madison
"I'm on fire today.  Everybody in the house put your hands up."  ~Calvin
"My teacher says we talk too much.  I think it's because of ISAT."  ~Mason
"I can either have a clean house or do things with my kids, but not both."  ~Morning Mom
"Silent e sometimes gives its power to a vowel.  You just don't see that everyday."   ~Matthew
"Now I know how to get on this blog. The kids talking about the Jack Be Nimble nursery rhyme were really funny!"  ~Katelynn

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