Wednesday, February 20, 2013

STARLAB Days are Best

"I brought my whole family tonight to go into the dome."  ~Brenden
"Once today and again tonight.  I love Starlab!"  ~Ashton
"Young & old alike seem drawn to stories about the stars."  ~Proud Staff Member
"Mrs. Ricker tells the best stories.  ~Gwen
"I brought my mom and sister to see what it's like!"  ~Alyssa
"The stars twinkle like diamonds!"  ~Emily
"Best thing all day at school so I'm here with mom and dad."  ~Zackary
"I can now say we've been in the dome.  It was amazing!"  ~Proud Parent
"My little brother's kindergarten class will do this tomorrow."  ~Emily
"Going outside and seeing the real stars will be more interesting now."  ~Jaylen
"A Latin teacher got me interested in Roman & Greek myths."  ~Proud Staff Member
"I brought my little brother to see this!"  ~Ashley
"Can we go through again?"  ~Jozie
"I wish we could learn like this all the time."  ~Justin
"My class talked about Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon."  ~Proud Staff Member

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